Continuous deployment and increased competition are rapidly changing how software is bought and sold. Customers have more options and more choice: deals start smaller and only grow as customers use and see value from the product. In this world, success is an output of product and go-to-market teams working hand-in-hand to develop and drive adoption of features.

Zipper is how product, marketing, and customer-facing teams work together to deliver incredible customer experiences.

There's no single tool Zipper replaces - it's a layer above project management that streamlines work that's haphazardly happening over documents, spreadsheets, emails, and chat messages today. 

About us

We're a small team with a lot of experience building and selling software at companies like Slack, GitHub, Google, and Fastly. We care about our work, doing it well, and taking care of one another while we're at it. Regardless of role, we think everyone should have a strong product sense, applied curiosity, and disdain for mediocrity.

Jassim Latif

Sachin Ranchod

Duretti Hirpa
Principal Engineer

Ibu Madha
Principal Engineer

Open Roles

Principal Product Designer

(Remote / US West)

Help us set and execute a product design strategy and vision for Zipper that is engaging, delightful, and a core part of people’s day at work.

We know that the product experience is going to be key to us bringing two disparate parts of a company together to improve the way people in product and go-to-market roles work with each other. It's a big challenge and a bigger opportunity.

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