About us

Where teams get on the same page.

Product-led software companies are winning. We believe the companies that build features and products that customers want will succeed, those that do not will fail.

But let's face it, delivering products these days is about much more than just building the thing itself.

Now teams need to move quickly (without surprising people), iterate (without changing the things people are using), and deliver added value (without overwhelming users).

Our belief is that, when it comes to software products, there’s a new game. One where it’s no longer about who ships the fastest, but about continuous alignment: between your cross-functional teams and departments, with your customers, and around the operating cadence of your organization.

Our team has spent 20+ collective years as product developers, designers, managers and leaders. We’ve felt these challenges acutely. Now we’re devoting our time to creating a tool that pulls teams together and keeps them marching forward as one.

Serry Park - Zipper team
Serry Park
Conrad Muan - Zipper Team
Conrad Muan
Ibrahim Madha - Zipper Team
Ibrahim Madha
Duretti Hirpa - Zipper team
Duretti Hirpa
Sachin Ranchod - Zipper team
Sachin Ranchod
Jassim Latif - Zipper team
Jassim Latif