Just The Highlights,
All in one place.

Zipper is where you track and share important project updates and decisions.

Zipper's home page feed of important highlights

Designed to be by your side, not in your way

Your personal smart pad

DMing yourself? Use Zipper to jot down to-dos, messages you need to send, and important information you come across. We'll help you build and write that weekly or monthly update.

Zipper hot key of shitf + cmd + H to create new highlight.
Zipper new highlight modal.

Built for power users

Get in and get out quickly with fast search, a robust command palette, and keyboard shortcuts for everything

Zipper search modal to make it easier to navigate and find exactly what you want efficiently.

Capture from anywhere

Our desktop and Slack apps let you bookmark and save important project information—without having to switch tools, search for documents, log in, or use your mouse.

Zipper options to add Zipper highlight.

A URL for everything that matters

Easily reference Zipper highlights with a url.

Share with context

When important information has a URL, you can share and refer back to it anywhere. This gives people the context they need to get work done.

Cross-reference related work

Filters, search, and a simple organization system make finding past highlights and updates a breeze.

Unite multiple groups and teams

Tie related highlights and updates together across different projects to better support the needs of cross-functional teams and remote work.